About us

Shaping influence from movement, Ante establishes itself in the curation of running and fashion. We call it Forward Wear.
Ante was constructed around two thoughts. First, realising there is a lack of quality products catering to both fashion and performance, we saw room to create something that would fit into this niche. We felt inspired to bridge that gap with Ante. The second being our love for creative flow amongst our friends. Ante is a space to collaborate with an array of talents, be it an artist, photographer or poet. We love to work together and provide a platform for people.
Deriving from the latin term Ante stands for anticipation and readiness.
Ante is for the free thinkers, the fearless individuals, the ones to strive to be different. Ante is a movement of people that overcomes the idea of boundaries and deadlocks. Ante is about breaking down walls that society holds you to.